There is no prescription that can do what physical activity can. Physical activity really is a wonder drug that makes you happier and healthier

~ CDC director Tom Frieden

The PE Mission

     The health and physical education department at Henry B. Burkland and Mary K. Goode elementary schools centers on the belief that every child can find enjoyment and success in physical activity that interests them.  As a department we offer a wide variety of activities to ensure that every child has this opportunity by including units in aquatics, gymnastics, dance, individual and team games, health, and fitness. We try to incorporate fitness throughout every unit to guarantee that students have experiences that will increase their fitness levels. We encourage our students to learn new skills while having fun and developing important social and positive characteristics.


Spring has sprung!

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Warmer weather is FINALLY here! This means more of our activity time will be spent outdoors, on the fields, and in the sun. Students are welcome to bring baseball hats, sunglasses, and/or water bottles to PE. Please remember that even on hot days, sandals are never a safe option for physical education.