There is no prescription that can do what physical activity can. Physical activity really is a wonder drug that makes you happier and healthier

~ CDC director Tom Frieden

The PE Mission

     The health and physical education department at Henry B. Burkland and Mary K. Goode elementary schools centers on the belief that every child can find enjoyment and success in physical activity that interests them.  As a department we offer a wide variety of activities to ensure that every child has this opportunity by including units in aquatics, gymnastics, dance, individual and team games, health, and fitness. We try to incorporate fitness throughout every unit to guarantee that students have experiences that will increase their fitness levels. We encourage our students to learn new skills while having fun and developing important social and positive characteristics.


New Units and Open House

Hello! We wanted to take a minute to let you know what your child will be doing for their next unit in physical education! Our next unit will begin on Thursday September 22nd and continue until October 7th.  Ms. McLaughlin’s P.E. classes will start focusing on the basics of football learning how to properly throw and catch and understanding a basic awareness of positions and plays.  Mrs. Young’s P.E. classes will start team handball and the basics of throwing and catching and the give and go.  Ms. Campbell’s P.E. classes will focus on soccer skills working towards successful participation in small-sided games.  Mr. Whitelaw’s P.E. classes will focus on the basics of field hockey including game rules and the proper way to pass and shoot the ball.

We will be at the gymnasium for open house and we hope that you are able to take the time to come visit! We cannot wait to see many of you and share with you some of our goals and aspirations for this school year!

-The Physical Education Department :)