Pool Is Back!!

Hi everyone,

We are very excited to announce that our pool units are starting up again for grades 3-5! The schedule is as follows:

Mrs. Young’s classes: November 16th – December 5th

Ms. McLaughlin’s classes: December 6th – December 21st

Ms. Campbell’s classes: January 3rd – January 19th

Mr. Whitelaw’s classes: January 20th – February 6th

Students will meet for another two cycle rotation later in the year!  Please remember to check the specialist calendar online so that your child is prepared for the days they have pool.  The following items should be packed and ready on those days:

Swim bag basics:                   Suggested items:                         Optional:

Bathing suit                             hair ties, bathing caps                          ear plugs

Towel(s)                                  sandals or surf shoes                             swim shirt

Comb or Brush                        swim goggles                                         nose clip

Extra socks/underclothes

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s pool units please contact your physical education teacher to address them! We are very excited to begin this amazing part of our curriculum with the help of our life guard, Mr. Owen Worden.

Thanks for checking in!

The Physical Education Department

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