4th and 5th Grade Night Swim

In an effort to create a special night for our 4th and 5th grade students and provide an extra opportunity for fitness, the physical education department would like to invite 4th and 5th grade students to attend a pool night with classmates!

We ask that students come with an adult . Also, please come with swim suits already on.  Locker rooms will be available for changing after swimming. Due to the size of the pool and the locker room area we ask that only 4th / 5th grade students and their adult attend the event. We recommend that everyone bring a towel, a change of clothes, and sandals for the pool deck.

The following schedule will determine when your child’s class is scheduled to attend.

We hope to see many of  you there!

Wednesday April 6th from 5:45-7:00Thursday April 7th from 5:45-7:00
Ms. Ryan
Mr. Messier
Mrs. Penney
Mrs. Crawford
Ms. McPherson
Mrs. Sullivan
Mrs. LeBlanc
Ms. Stebbins
Mrs. Ehney
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Reardon
Mrs. Dormady
Wednesday April 13th from 5:45-7:00Thursday April 14th from 5:45-7:00
Mr. Cardosa
Mrs Lazarovich
Mrs. Barrett
Mr. O’Brien
Mrs. Marinelli
Mrs. Kemp
Mrs. Lombardi
Mr. Williams
Mrs. Kukets
Ms. Beird
Mrs. Viera
Mrs Kaufman

The Snow Ball

February 10, 11, & 12

Grade 1 & 2 Students will have a blast  in PE class at The Snow Ball!

Each class will spend 45 minutes reinforcing underhand and overhand throwing skills at a variety of winter wonderland themed stations. Have a snowball fight with a snowman! Play polar bear bocce!

Don’t forget proper footwear

Target Toss Day

November 23, 24, & 25

The Fall Target Toss will take place during 1st and 2nd grade PE classes.  Students will spend  45 minutes traveling to a variety of turkey themed stations that reinforce stepping with the opposite foot when throwing overhand, underhand or rolling.

Come strike a turkey out or bowl one over.

Don’t forget proper footwear